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Welcome to Oxnard’s Premier LASIK Centre, your gateway to crystal-clear vision. Our dedicated team, led by Dr. Khanna, ensures top-quality care and the latest technology, making your journey to better vision a seamless and rewarding experience. Your vision is our priority at Oxnard’s Premier LASIK Centre.


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Clear Vision for All

When the eyeball is elongated, light rays converge in front of the retina. This results in distant objects appearing blurry, while those nearby remain clear.

When the eyeball is too short, light rays converge behind the retina. This causes nearby objects to appear blurry while distant objects remain clear.

The irregular shape of the cornea leads to light rays focusing on multiple points. As a result, one’s overall vision appears blurry or distorted.

Experience Clearer Vision in Oxnard with LASIK

Dr. Khanna is a well-known LASIK Eye Doctor in Los Angeles, certified by the board, and he, along with his compassionate staff, provides reliable and caring service with exceptional bedside manners.

  • We offers various kinds of advanced lasers and flap making technology

  • We offers options to Lasik like Superlasik, PRK with Cross Linking and ICL

  • We personally test all patients before and after laser surgery

  • We’ve achieved tens of thousands of successful vision corrections

Explore Three Treatment Options

Tailor your treatment journey by exploring various options, from flap thickness to laser selection, to achieve your vision goals with precision. At our state-of-the-art center, we offer expert guidance to help you make informed choices, ensuring a personalized and successful path towards clearer vision. Whether you opt for a thin flap or advanced laser technologies, your vision aspirations are our top priority.

Type of flap

A) Thin flap made by automated microkeratome or by laser
B) Disposable, no cut by epikeratome
C) No flap lasek using chemicals.


All approved by the FDA
A) Allegretto 500
B) Visx
C) Nidek
D) Technolas.

Laser cornea interaction

A) Conventional by all of the above lasers
B) Wavefront optimized by Allegretto
C) Wavefront – Visx
D) Topography directed by Nidek (catz) and Allegretto
E) idesign Wavefront – Visx.

The Leading LASIK facility in Oxnard

Dr. Khanna, a renowned ophthalmologist, has established Oxnard’s premier destination for vision correction. With cutting-edge technology and a devoted team, his facility offers top-notch care and a comprehensive range of vision correction procedures, making it the go-to choice for achieving clear and unaided vision in the region.

Our Best Testimonials

Explore the genuine experiences and success stories from our delighted LASIK clients. These testimonials reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional eye care and achieving outstanding results.

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Experience the Future of Vision with Us, Where Expertise Meets Compassion, and Your Clear Vision Becomes Our Passion!

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Our clients love the exceptional care they receive here! Read their reviews to discover why they trust us for their eye care needs.

Patricia A.Patricia A.
14:03 03 Aug 23
I had the PIE surgery 3 years ago and my vision still 20/20 or better, this has made a big difference in the quality of my life and my profession, I’d brought my niece in as well and she had laser surgery, she has healthy vision now, and happier, this is one of the best decisions in my life finding Dr Khanna and his team, thank you and eternity!
️Courtney Young️Courtney Young
02:16 29 Apr 23
Great customer service! The staff has a great attitude. Also I’m in the military and the doctor took very good care of me. So professional, I recommend this place to anyone especially military or military vets! Amazing!
Lindsay PleinLindsay Plein
09:00 12 Aug 22
I had a wonderful experience with Dr Khanna and his staff. I had lasik surgery and would recommend Dr Khanna to all. I love the fact that I can go without glasses everywhere!! Money well spent.
Romina PadillaRomina Padilla
00:48 23 Jun 22
Khanna did my lasik surgery about 12 years ago he is amazing I noticed I never left a review. The reviews with 1 stars are irrelevant to surgery or care and i would not listen to them. Khanna will take care of you. 5 stars.
Marilyn McQuinnMarilyn McQuinn
14:39 27 May 21
I heard the radio ad for this incredible Khanna Vision PIE procedure, and had the time to go for a free evaluation, so I did. The office staff was so friendly, efficient, and caring. Dr. Khanna was very informative and reassuring about PIE, and basically made it seem easy. By the end of the visit, I put the deposit down and set my surgery dates (20 minutes per eye, plus recovery). Since my PIE, my vision (at 63 y/o) is perfect! My reading, driving, shopping, etc. is all so much more easy and carefree- no glasses to deal with, just clear and precise vision. I’m so thankful for Khanna Vision and its fantastic PIE procedure!
sally losheldersally loshelder
03:44 11 May 21
Dr. Khanna and his entire staff is extremely professional, kind, and prompt in scheduling his clients.. He did my artificial lenses in both eyes and I am extremely happy and it's wonderful to be able to not have to wear contacts or glasses. Whenever I have a question or need to go in his office and see him, he makes it a point to be available.I highly recommend him . He is very skilled, intelligent , compassionate, and listens to the needs of clients and is conservative in required treatment 🌺

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