Khanna Vision Centre

At Khanna Vision Institute (KVI), your vision is our top priority. Dr. Rajesh Khanna, our esteemed Medical Director, leads a dedicated team of professionals in providing a wide range of cutting-edge eye care services. With a passion for improving lives through clearer vision, we offer procedures such as Painless Lasik, Superlasik, EVO ICL, PIE Procedure, Laser Cataract Surgery, Cornea Cross Linking, and more!

  • Tailored treatment for individual needs

  • Latest advancements for superior outcomes

  • Skilled and caring professionals

  • Enhancing your life with clear vision

Dr. Rajesh Khanna MD: Visionary Founder of Khanna Vision Center

Dr. Rajesh Khanna, MD, founded Khanna Vision Center with a strong commitment to top-tier eye care. Backed by an expert team, his mission is to offer the latest eye care technology for exceptional treatment and clear vision. Dr. Khanna is a revered figure in ophthalmology, dedicated to improving lives through outstanding eye care.

Discover a Brighter World with Us!

At Khanna Vision Institute (KVI), we’re committed to promoting top-notch eye and vision care to reduce vision impairment in the United States. With locations in Westlake Village, Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Moorpark, and Sherman Oaks, we provide expert eye care and optical solutions. Whether it’s a check-up or advice, we’re here for you. Contact us at [email protected] to start your journey to a brighter world through clear and healthy vision with KVI!